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The Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) located near Diehl Lake, at the intersection of SR 45 (Salem Warren Rd.) and Kiwatani Trail, is owned, operated, and maintained by the Sanitary Engineering Department of Mahoning County. The Diehl Lake WWTP was constructed over 20 years ago and is experiencing considerable deterioration of the existing tanks and equipment. The Sanitary Engineering Department of Mahoning County is proactively working to replace this aging facility with new, long-lasting, and state-of-the-art infrastructure before the WWTP experiences issues or failures that could lead to health and environmental concerns.

Diehl Lake WWTP existing system can treat 30,000 gallons per day (gpd). Although the current capacity is sufficient to service the contributing households and businesses in the area, the proposed WWTP system will be capable of treating over 33% more volume (up to 40,000 gpd total) to assure the County is prepared for potential future volume increases. Increasing the capacity to 40,000 gpd also provides redundant systems and allows the plant operators to perform maintenance on half the system while the other half treats the incoming waste water. 

The Ohio EPA has thoroughly reviewed and approved the proposed construction plans and issued Mahoning County a Permit to Install (PTI). Construction is anticipated in 2022 between the months of April and November. As shown in the graphics below, the new infrastructure will be constructed adjacent to the existing treatment system. This side-by-side construction provides the ability to construct the new treatment system and thoroughly test its operation while the current system remains in place and functioning, all within the same existing property lines.

Graphics: (Attached as PDFs)

1.    Aerial photo of Existing Diehl Lake WWTP

2.    WWTP Proposed Site Plan

Finding of No Significant Impact (FNSI) and Limited Environmental Review (LER) for the Mahoning County Diehl Lake WWTP Improvements project