About the Clerk of Courts

There shall be elected quadrennially in each county, a clerk of the court of common pleas, who shall assume office on the first Monday of January next after his election and who shall hold said office for a period of four years.(ORC 2303.01)
Current Term Expires 1/1/2021

Anthony Vivo

"I am pleased to provide this web page to the citizens of Mahoning County and the legal community. One of my personal goals as clerk remains utilizing technology to achieve greater efficiencies in the services we provide to the community. Upon navigating though the various areas of our web page, you will gain a sense of the mandated duties performed by our offices and our strong commitment to customer service.

In closing, I would like to thank the citizens of Mahoning County and the many Mahoning County elected officials and employees as this web page would not be a reality without your continued support."

Very truly yours,

Anthony Vivo