Mahoning County Soil & Water Conservation District works with landowners on a voluntary basis to provide technical assistance with timber management and logging jobs.

The following technical services can be requested:
•Timber Management Planning & Recommendations
•Operation and Management Plans
•Logging Site Reviews

The Ohio Timber Harvest Planning program is a voluntary program designed to assist woodland landowners, loggers and foresters with the pre-planning of logging activity.  The program helps participants select best management practices (BMPs) that will reduce soil erosion and maintain the harvest site to state standards Ohio Administrative Code 1501: 15-5-01 to 1501-5-18.

What To Do:

  • Prior to the start of logging, it is recommended a Timber Harvest Notice of  Intent (NOI) is filed with the Mahoning County SWCD. 
  • Landowner/logging company has the option of submitting a Timber Harvest Plan 
  • Install proper BMPs 

What is the NOI & Harvest Plan?

The Timber Harvest Notice of Intent (NOI) provides important contact information, the location of the logging operation and when the logging is going to occur. The Timber Harvest Plan describes the BMPS that will be utilized during the operation to protect against erosion and the discharge of sediment into nearby waterways.  For more information, please contact Mahoning County SWCD at 330-740-7995.  The NOI form can be downloaded from the ODNR Division of Forestry website at

Call Before You Cut

An effort with multiple partners, including ODNR Division of Forestry to provide   in-depth forest management information to Ohio landowners. For more information, please visit:

Best Management Practices Guidance


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