How can i find out if i have lead in my home?
If your home was built prior to 1978, more than likely there is lead paint present, but it only becomes a hazard when it is deteriorated. If you have cracking, chalking, peeling paint etc., that is an indication that lead paint could be present. To determine for sure if you have lead paint hazards, a lead inspection/risk assessment will need to be done on the property.

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1. Can you send me out an application?
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3. Does the child have to be living in the home?
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5. How can i find out if my child has lead poisoning?
6. How can i find out if i have lead in my home?
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8. I bought this property for rental purposes on-line site unseen and did not realize there was a citation on it until I saw the sign posted on the door. Can you help me make this property lead-safe?
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10. How can I get the citation removed from my home?