What is Family Dependency Treatment Court?
The Family Dependency Treatment Court is one of six specialized dockets within the Juvenile Court. FDTC seeks to assist parents whose child(ren) have been removed from their custody or are at risk of removal due to the parents substance abuse and/or mental health issues.
The goal of FDTC is reunification of parent and the child(ren).

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1. What is Family Dependency Treatment Court?
2. How do I plea into FDTC?
3. How long will I be in FDTC?
4. If I plea into FDTC, does that guarantee I will receive custody of my child(ren)?
5. Will I be required to take drug/alcohol tests throughout the program?
6. Is there a fee to participate?
7. Since I plea into the program voluntarily, can I choose to leave the program the same way?