Why focus on Crossover Youth?
The Georgetown University Center for Juvenile Justice Reform has been involved in much research relating to Crossover Youth. The research shows that Crossover Youth experience an increase in the variety, seriousness, and duration of problems. Crossover Youth may have an increased risk of suicide attempts, post-traumatic stress disorder, low IQ scores, increased truancy and substance abuse.

The Crossover Youth family often has a history of criminal behavior, domestic violence, mental health issues and substance abuse problems. As a result, Crossover Youth often experience numerous placements outside of the home.

Overall, Crossover Youth appear to enter the system when they are young children (through abuse, neglect and dependency) and remain in the system into and sometimes throughout adolescence.

The research also shows that there is an overrepresentation of females and African-Americans in the Crossover Youth population

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2. Why focus on Crossover Youth?
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